Services Offered By An Orthodontist In Hinsdale

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Dentistry

Orthodontists tend to offer many helpful services in specific age groups. Typically, they range from early childhood, adolescents, adults and surgical services. An orthodontist in Hinsdale studies and treats improper bites or malocclusions, among other things. They are not a general dentist and cannot do cleanings, fillings, and other dental services.

Early Childhood

In most cases, a young child will not need to receive orthodontic treatments because their teeth are still forming and moving to their proper locations. However, there could be times where young children will need treatment to prevent even more problems in the future. An orthodontic check-up is usually recommended by your general dentist if they should see one that soon.

Many times, two-phase orthodontics are used in the case of early childhood problems because children have baby and adult teeth together. The first phase is done when most of the baby teeth are present, and the second phase is done when most of the permanent teeth are in the mouth.


An orthodontist in Hinsdale will most likely be required in your child’s teen years. Typical services rendered during the adolescent years include jaw imbalances and crowding of the teeth. Because teens tend to grow quickly during this time, it can include many skeletal and dental problems.

In some cases, problems cannot be corrected until the bones have developed properly, meaning surgical help is often required.


While most people have orthodontic work done in their teens, many adults are choosing to visit an orthodontist and have their teeth fixed. In some cases, the adult’s parents couldn’t afford the work, or they just didn’t know there was a problem.

Many times, minor problems are fixed in adults that have previously had braces or complete dental transformations while others put it off because of the embarrassment and harassment braces would cause. However, there have been many advances in technology, which allows for nearly invisible braces, making it more convenient to receive.


In most cases, surgery is not required to fix tooth or mouth problems as braces can correct many of the problems. However, there are times where appliances cannot permanently fix the problem and surgery may be needed, such in the case of jaw problems. Appliances typically include braces of varying types and can also include headgear, jaw positioners and expanders, along with others. Go to the site for more information.

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