Services and Maintenance for Your Electric Vacuum Pump in Boston MA

An Electric Vacuum Pump in Boston MA is an essential part of vacuum coating equipment, and must be serviced and maintained to ensure proper operation. Vacuum coating equipment uses a vacuum environment and a molecular vapor source to deposit thin films and coatings on surfaces. Service engineers provide comprehensive service for all types of vacuum equipment parts and components. Services include system design and fabrication, resistance sources and power controls, pumping system troubleshooting, instrumentation repair, helium mass spectrometer leak detection, and computer aided design.

Systems can be custom manufactured on state-of-the-art PVD, PECVD, and CVD systems. Refurbished systems are also available for equitable solutions. Maximum pumping efficiency, close customer involvement, maximum price to performance ratio, superior uniformity and film parameters, and in-house automation technology all provide consistent performance with lower start up costs. Services for Electric Vacuum Pump in Boston MA, specifically includes complete in-house test station for measuring pumping speed and ultimate vacuum, installation and service on all major brands, fully trained engineering and service staff, and a fully equipped manufacture, repair and service center.

Companies, such as Yeagle Technology Inc, for example, provide services at competitive pricing, along with available consultation services. Training courses are also offered to business owners, technicians, supervisors, engineers, students, and novices. Courses include classroom theory and hands on training. Student discounts are available to those who are eligible. Most courses are one day in duration, except Hands-on Thermal Evaporation and Hands-on Electronic Beam Evaporation, which are three days in duration.

Other course examples include: Vacuum Technology Basics; Leak Detection, A Hands On Approach; Cryopump Diagnostics and Maintenance; and Performance Monitoring and Maintenance. Courses are presented on an on-going basis, and costs vary based on the depth of the course. Full details on costs and fees, as well as course outlines, can be found on the website. Recommendations regarding who should take each course, and what experience is needed as a basis for each course is also available in full detail. Costs are kept as low as possible to encourage continued education for professionals in the field, and students who are new to the field. Visit website for more details.

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