Selecting the Best Bathroom Window Treatments in Minneapolis MN

When choosing the best bathroom window treatments in Minneapolis MN, there are a few things to take into consideration. For instance, your bathroom is exposed to much more humidity than any other room in the house.

Think about where the windows are located in your bathroom. Durable, moisture resistant shades or waterproof blinds are the best options for windows near the shower or tub. If the bathroom is located in an area of your home that makes it visible to the neighbors, you need window treatments that combine light control and privacy with style and durability.

Room Softening Roman Shades

Roman shades feature deluxe fabric folds, which work well to soften the look of porcelain or ceramic. For bathrooms with a lot of neutral colors or whites, these bathroom window treatments in Minneapolis MN will add a perfect splash of color. In addition, you get an ideal balance of privacy and natural light.

Moisture Resistant Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds provide the same elegance and warmth as real wood blinds. However, you get the benefit of endurance in high-heat conditions without the worry of losing shape. Pair with drapery or decorative fabric tapes to add a little color.

Low Maintenance Shutters

Shutters are handsome, practical bathroom window treatments in Minneapolis MN. They offer the convenience of low maintenance as well as high durability. With operable shutters, you have the power to regulate the light that enters your bathroom, closing them completely whenever you choose to do so.

In an airy master bathroom with painted shutters and contrasting white trim creates a pleasant color-block result. If your bathroom features windows of an odd size, you may need to consider shutters that are customized to fit.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to bathroom window treatments in Minneapolis MN. Take the time to think about the choices that best suit your home.

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