Are You Seeking Guardianship of a Minor in Honolulu, HI?

If you’re taking care of a child who is not biologically yours, you may have wondered about guardianship. If the child is faced with a situation where a parent or guardian is needed, such as registering them for school or taking them to the doctor, you may be wondering if you need to establish legal Guardianship in Honolulu, HI in order to be able to do these things for the child. If the child is going to be under your care for an extended period of time, it is almost always wise to establish guardianship, so you can make decisions for the child or add them to your health coverage.

Becoming a child’s legal guardian establishes a legal relationship where you can make those decisions for them. A legal guardian also provides care for a child just as a parent would, but it is much different than having full custody or adopting the child.While becoming the child’s guardian gives you legal rights to have a say about the child’s care, it does not serve the legal obligations of the child’s biological parents.

In other words, the parents of the child are also guardians of the child and are responsible for supporting the child financially until the child turns 18 or someone else legally adopts the child.As far as the process of obtaining legal guardianship, doing so will go much smoother if the biological parents give consent, but unfortunately, that is not always possible. The biological parents have a right to contest, but many people seek Guardianship in Honolulu, HI because the parents have abandoned the child or are unfit to have the child in their care.

These are the types of situations where an attorney is especially important as they are trained to deal with these situations. Legal issues are always so much more difficult when it involves the feelings of children. You want what is best for the child, and you have a lot of questions. Go to today to get more information and to schedule an appointment with an attorney who will treat your case with the care and compassion it deserves.

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