Why Is Seeing the Dentists in Harford County So Important?

You do not realize how truly important the health of your teeth is until you begin having problems. Many dental problems can be avoided by following good oral hygiene habits. To take complete care of your oral health, it is also vital to see the dentist on a regular basis. Not only does the dentist help to keep your teeth clean so they are less likely to experience cavities, but he or she can also spot oral health concerns and treat them promptly, before they cause lasting damage. Through the Dentists Harford County, your smile can stay healthy.

Conditions Caused by a Lack of Dental Care

* Cavities — Cavities are generally considered preventable with the right oral care. By brushing and flossing each day and seeing your dentist regularly, you can help to keep cavities away. Those who neglect the health of their smiles can end up with cavities and damage to their teeth.

* Infections — While not all infections can be controlled with proper oral care, most can. Outside of infections due to surgical procedures, most can be avoided with a daily regime of good oral hygiene habits. Infections are most common in the gums, but can also occur in the teeth. When an infection is in the tooth, it is called an abscess. a Dentists Harford County can monitor your teeth and gums for signs of infection so these can be brought under control before they spread.

* Gum disease — Periodontitis is a gum disease believed to start because of a buildup of sticky plaque. Plaque is removed through brushing and flossing, but when you neglect the health of your teeth and gums, the plaque can build up and become pooled under your gums, leading to swollen, painful and infected gums. This is a preventable condition with proper oral care practice and dental visits.

If you have been neglecting your smile, contact Dr. Michael J. Doyle DDS. He and his staff can treat you for all types of oral health conditions, giving you a healthier and more appealing smile. They can make sure you get the dental care you need so these conditions do not affect you.

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