Seeing a Dentist in Ahwatukee AZ Because of Periodontal Disease

The word “periodontal” is formed from two Greek words meaning “around the teeth.” There are several types of periodontal diseases and all of the associated infections caused by these bacteria attack gums, ligaments and bone that hold the teeth in the jaw. Periodontal disease begins with no obvious symptoms and is painless. Sometimes the disease develops slowly and sometimes – rather quickly. This is why regularly checkups for routine maintenance to your local Dentist in Ahwatukee AZ is a must.

Causes of periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases are caused by certain types of bacteria and plaque which help the bacteria grow. This is a colorless film of bacteria and food particles that constantly multiply around the gum. The toxins are transferred by bacteria, and are irritating to the gums, thus weakening it. Eventually, these toxins not only damages the gums, but also the underlying bone.

Additionally plaque hardens and turns into tartar if not removed in time. Tartar that forms on top of the gum line, causes rarer periodontal diseases. But mostly tartar below the gums by seeps below the gumline surface of the tooth roots. That is when the first symptoms of periodontal diseases such as bleeding, bad breath or a change in the color of the gums appear. Only a Dentist in Ahwatukee AZ or dental hygienist can remove plaque and tartar effectively.


The treatment method is chosen individually for each patient. Usually, the steps involve:

1. Appropriate and regular care of oral hygiene
2. A basic program for periodontal treatment (root canal, removal of plaque and curettage)
3. Mouthwash with antiseptic solutions and sometimes the application of drugs
4. Surgery is used to remove the dead gums, reduce the depth of the tooth pocket or to remove the damaged bone
5. The loss of bone can be rebuilt using a controlled regeneration process
6. The gingival margin that is connected to the tooth neck is corrected
7. The mobile teeth are attached with special fiberglass tape
8. The bite is redistributed

The main factor in the prevention of periodontal diseases is regular brushing at home and professional removal of plaque and tartar. Prevention of periodontal disease is only possible if both the patient and the dentist takes care of it in time. Contact your dental clinic or look at more info here.

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