Sedation Options in Pediatric Dentistry in Port Orchard Wa

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Dentistry

When a young child has several cavities and a dentist will need to spend considerable time treating the problem, nitrous oxide or sedation may be advisable. Parents may feel a little wary about this, but without the calming influence of medication, children may not be able to sit still through the entire procedure. They may become upset and impatient, and even start to cry. A dentist providing service in Pediatric Dentistry in Port Orchard Wa will discuss the situation with the parents and explain the advantages of using medication to keep the child relaxed and unconcerned.

The mild sedative nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, is administered through a mask over the nose. The patient has full control over how much gas is breathed in, as he or she can easily remove the mask and put it back on. The effects end almost immediately when the mask is removed. A child must be old enough to understand how to use this therapy. Some children are too anxious about wearing a nose mask, which makes this an unsuitable option for them. The same is true for kids who deal with a stuffy nose, as they won’t be able to breathe in an adequate amount of nitrous oxide. Children who are fearful of the dentist also may not stay calm enough with the mild effects of this substance.

A clinic providing service for Pediatric Dentistry in Port Orchard Wa can offer additional options. Sedation can be provided intravenously, for example, in amounts that allow the child to remain conscious but to feel very relaxed. The youngster may fall asleep or may find that the time passes very quickly. There may even be little to no memory of the entire treatment. This is an especially useful medication option if the youngster needs one or more teeth extracted because of the extent of the decay.

When parents begin bringing their youngsters to regular appointments at a clinic such as Dentistry for Children, much of this problem can be minimized. Various strategies help prevent tooth decay and finding the cavities early means a much shorter treatment time in the clinic.

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