Safety First With Dryer Vent Cleaning In Boston

There are so many things in life that everyone just takes for granted. This is certainly true when it comes to our appliances and most people rarely give their maintenance a second thought. However, when it comes to dryers, routine maintenance with dryer vent cleaning in Boston is not just a good idea, it could literally save your home and protect your family.

The Problem with Dryers

The biggest problem with dryers is that they produce both heat, and very high heat at that, as well as a highly flammable material. The highly flammable material is the lint, the small particles and fibers, which come off of fabrics as they go through the drying process. There is also potentially a backing up of the exhaust gases produced by the dryer as it works harder and harder and gets hotter and hotter.

In a study by the U.S Consumer Product Report it was found that in a typical year in the United States there will be over 15,000 house fires that originate at the dryer and specifically in the dryer vent.

The Problem with Home Designs

In the past homes were designed with laundry rooms to the exterior walls of the home so dryers vented almost immediately outside. This reduced the need for regular dryer vent cleaning in Boston because the dryer vent was only a few feet long without any elbows, or turns, allowing the dryer to force the lint and air out easily.

However, in new home designs you need to have annual dryer vent cleaning in Boston because the laundry room is more likely at the center of the home. This means much longer vents often up to 25 feet with multiple elbows to get to the exterior or the home. The recommended length is only six feet without any elbows, which means that after that the air produced from the dryer can no longer push the lint, allowing it to collect throughout the vent.

Even if you routinely have a service come in and complete your dryer vent cleaning in Boston you still need to watch for signs of problems. This can include clothing that is very hot when it comes out of the dryer, having to run the dryer much longer than normal, the lint trap in the dryer is always full, and small piles or drifts of lint on the exterior of the home around the dryer vent opening.


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