Safety First: Scheduling a Chimney Sweep in Suffolk County NY

Everyone loves to sit by the fire on a cool winter’s evening. With the chilly weather outside, it can be nice to cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy the flames as they create shadows along the walls. This experience is great, but if a chimney isn’t well cared for, moments like these can be few and far between. In fact, when was the last time you scheduled a Chimney Sweep in Suffolk County NY?

The main reason for setting up a chimney sweep is keeping the area clean and free of hazards. Soot and other debris can block the chimney, making it impossible for the smoke to escape. If it isn’t headed out the top of the house, it is going to quickly start filling up the room, creating a real problem for everyone.

Soot isn’t the only culprit that could create problems with a chimney. Creosote can also build up inside the chimney. Aside from blocking the space, this is a flammable material that could create a fire. While most people enjoy a fire in the fireplace, things quickly get out of hand when the actual chimney is on fire. This poses a real safety issue for the people inside the house as well as the actual structure of the home.

Not sure if a home has build up in the fireplace? While there is no fire in the fireplace and the area is completely cooled, take a look up into the chimney. There is a good chance there is at least some build up of soot or creosote that needs to be addressed.

A Chimney Sweep in Suffolk County NY involves getting into some of the smaller spaces and clearing out the leftover soot. Special tools are used to reach into the crevices and remove everything that is a potential safety hazard. With a clear chimney, there is plenty of room for smoke to escape up and out of the house.

As a guide, most people set up an appointment for a chimney inspection and sweep at least once a year. If there are problems with the fireplace or the smoke isn’t dissipating out the top of the chimney correctly, it is important to contact a professional right away for assistance. Contact All American Chimney and Duct Cleaning Inc of Suffolk County NY for more information.

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