Roofing Material Options for Omaha Homes

Other Roofing Omaha shingles are made from fiberglass. The advantages of fiberglass shingles are that they are economical and fire resistant. There are other man-made fiberglass shake shingles that are designed to look like wooden shake shingles. Fiberglass shakes have the thicker, hand crafted look of wooden shakes, and, like a wooden roof, the whole roof looks like the roofers took the time to design its appearance. Fiberglass is even stronger than natural wood. The manufacturer may also provide a 10-year warranty. Another kind of fiberglass shingles comes in a 3-tab style. These shingles have a flatter, more uniform look. Each piece is cut to look like three individual shingles, which help the installation go faster and make the 3-tab option an economical choice.

Wooden Roofing Omaha shingles that are made of cedar shake are naturally moisture resistant because the oils in cedar wood enable it to resist rotting. Being a natural wood, cedar shingles have a natural strength built into them that allows them to withstand nature’s battering of winds and hail. Because cedar is a natural material, there will be varied colors, striations, textures in each piece, making each roof a unique creation that no one else will have. Cedar shingles give a beautiful, natural look to a roof. They do more than provide a warm color. Wooden roofs keep a house warmer than other roofing materials.

Laminated shingles may have the longest durability of any of these materials, from 25 years to 50 years. They are made of asphalt, but they have a more expensive, detailed look than regular asphalt shingles do. Normally, asphalt shingles are made with three tabs, like fiberglass 3-tab shingles. However, laminated asphalt shingles are thicker and don’t have three tabs. Each piece is individual, so the roof will get the look and character of a wooden roof but with the added longevity of asphalt. The pieces come in slightly different shades, so by alternating the layout with color one, color two, color three, color one again, and so on, the roofers can create visual interest.

Monarch Siding & Windows offers their Roofing Omaha customers a choice of roofing materials. There is a beautiful and durable option for each roof, whether the focus is on aesthetics or practicality.

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