Roofing contractors, what do they do?

Roofers in Loveland CO repair, replace and build new roofs on residential and commercial properties. Many roofing contractors, after gaining experience strike out on their own and become self employed. Many of the self employed contractors are hired by large construction companies that are in the process of putting the roofs on all the homes in a new housing project, this could be many hundreds of roofs.

Often, roofing contractors morph from home builders due to their intimate knowledge of home construction, in other cases carpenters find roofing a more rewarding career. Independent roofing contractors must be licensed, bonded and fully insured with workers comp and liability insurance. Before getting certification, many authorities want to see proof that the applicant has worked alongside skilled roofers in Loveland CO.

In many cases, a homeowner will have to hire a roofing contractor to repair the roof that has suffered storm damage, a fire or water damage. To begin the process, the roofer will inspect the roof, paying particular attention to the damaged area. Once the extent of the damage has been assessed the roofer will develop a quotation to implement the needed repairs. The quotation covers the cost of materials, labor and profit. Most homeowners who are faced with a damaged roof will call in a number of contractors and ask for prices from all of them prior to making their choice.

All roofs have a life expectancy; many roofs in the US are asphalt shingles which usually last between 20 and 25 years. At the end of the roofs lifetime, the homeowner will hire a respectable roofing contractor to replace the old roof with a new one. Over time, many things change, the homeowner may decide on a completely different roofing material to what has been taken off, if this is the case, the contractor will have to assess the structure for its load bearing capacity. If necessary, the structure will have to be reinforced to take the new load.

In some parts of the country the government is offering incentives for homeowners to install solar panels on their roof. In many cases, the same contractor that can install a roof is called upon to install the panels. Often, the roofing contractor hires an electrical contractor to make the connections.

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