Romantic Decorating Ideas For Suffolk County Catering Halls

Every bride spends incredible amounts of time considering each and every detail of the wedding, working to create the perfect atmosphere for the guests and to get their relationship as a couple started out on just the right note. One simple way to do a lot of the wedding planning is to use Suffolk County catering halls that have experience in creating just the look you want.

One of the most requested, as well as the most beautiful, reception themes in top Suffolk County catering halls is a romantic wedding. There are a wide variety of techniques that you can use to create this look and you can be very traditional or you can be highly creative and use your own style to add to the theme of love and romance.

Monochromatic Whites or Ivory

One way to really bring out the romantic theme at a wedding is to choose to decorate exclusively with whites, creams and soft pastel types of colors. Ivory and white flowers with pale peaches, pinks and even pale blues are very traditional but give an amazing look to the room. Gold flatware and accent pieces will add to the glamor of this look.

You can also choose, especially with this decorating style, to use very soft lighting and candles on each table. If you don’t like the idea of candles consider LED candle lights that can be arranged in groups on the table or even used in floating centerpieces with roses and other small flowers that match the bouquet. Look for a Suffolk County catering halls that offers rooms that are painted to match this style for the best effect.

Flowers of Romance

As any of the staff at Suffolk County catering halls can tell you, roses are the flowers of wedding and romance. You can find ways to incorporate roses into your decorating ideas by using small bunches of miniature roses on each table as a centerpiece.

You can also choose linens and china that have a tiny rose pattern, which makes a very elegant and traditional presentation. Seating cards can be embossed with a rose and a single miniature rose artfully positioned on each place setting.

With the rose theme, or the elegant white or ivory theme, you may also want to add a romantic arch artistically draped with flowers at the main entrance to the room. This is a beautiful addition to Suffolk County catering halls and also makes a wonderful place to take pictures for your guests.

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