Rodent Control: When To Call The Pest Control Pros

A reviled pest around the globe, mice and rats are one of the most invasive and destructive pests to infiltrate the homes and businesses of Alice Springs. Particularly keen of the arid Northern Territories climate, rodents will invade residential and commercial properties alike in both rural and urban communities.

Problematic for more than just a few reasons, rodents will chew their way through your home, business, and wallet on a voracious quest for feeding and breeding grounds. Harbingers of both destruction and disease, rats and mice are a veritable host of fleas and intestinal parasites, and have the potential to spread dangerous or deadly illness to both pets and humans.

Like most pests, preventative control is the best way to protect your property from an infestation in the future. Clear scraps and crumbs from the kitchen, pantry, and cupboards, and check for droppings in any room that sees little use. While you may not care that rodents have nested in the garage, their tendency to chew through floor and wall cavities will soon have them migrating toward the rest of your house.

Unfortunately, DIY attempts to exterminate rats and mice are much less effective than advertised, and will do little but stop the occasional rodent from snacking on the cracker you’ve left as bait. Thankfully, the expert techs of a professional pest control company have the know-how it takes to keep your property safe once and for all, and will design and implement a unique strategy specifically designed for your home or business’ needs. At Flick Pest Control Alice Springs, we are proud to be a premier provider of exactly this, and invite home and business owners alike in Alice Springs to call us for reputable, reliable pest control solutions that work.

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