The Risks of Not Resolving a Slab Leak in Palm Springs CA

A slab leak in Palm Springs CA is an issue that develops when there is a leak underneath or in between the concrete slabs that support a structure. In terms of a home, this type of issue will normally develop due to a problem with the plumbing that runs above or below the slabs. Failing to address this issue quickly will lead to additional damage that will take a lot of money to repair. Damage to the FoundationOne of the most common issues associated with a slab leak in Palm Springs CA is damage to the foundation.

This is a serious situation, since the foundation provides the support for the entire home structure. As the foundation begins to weaken, it is no longer able to adequately support the house frame. That paves the way for a host of other issues to develop. Floors That SagAs the foundation weakens due to the slab leak in Palm Springs CA, the floors will begin to undergo a change. One of the more common outcomes is the floor will begin to sag at different points. As the problem progresses, certain portions of the floor may begin to buckle.

Cracks in the WallsOne the slab leak in Palm Springs CA has caused a serious deterioration of the foundation, it’s only a matter of time before the walls will begin to crack. The cracks indicate that the structure is no longer stable. The owner can expect to see cracks on the facade of the home as well as in individual rooms. A Sagging CeilingWith the frame of the home compromised, the roof will also be compromised. As the frame shifts, this will place more pressure on the roof. Along with sagging, the problem could go as far as to weaken the joists supporting the roof.

That in turn makes it much more likely that the roof will eventually fail completely. The bottom line is that a slab leak is not something to take lightly. When and as this issue is identified, it is imperative to arrange for repairs. Doing so will prevent any further damage to the foundation and avoid the potential of costly repairs to the home itself.

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