Reviewing Child Custody And Support Concepts With Wegmann Law Firm In Hillsboro, MO

Missouri divorce cases may require an additional hearing to determine child custody and support. The court evaluates both parties based on specific guidelines. Once a custody assignment is ordered, the court calculates the total child support award. The Wegmann Law Firm in Hillsboro MO helps parents acquire custody for their children.

How is Child Custody Determined in Missouri?

The court determines child custody based on the most appropriate setting for the child. The court considers the emotional requirements for the child. These requirements apply to maintaining healthy relationships with both parents. The parent who fulfills these emotional needs without hostility is considered the most appropriate choice.

The child’s wishes are also applied in these determinations. Children over the age of 12 have the right to decide where they live. However, if the chosen parent presents a risk to the child or their ability to remain close to the non-custodial parent, the court may choose accordingly.

Most courts try to utilize a joint custody arrangement. This allows both parents to make decisions about the child as a team. It also provides them with equal parenting time. The Wegmann Law Firm in Hillsboro MO explains all available custody orders.

How Does the Court Calculate Child Support?

The first consideration for child support is the total number of children involved. The gross income of the non-custodial parent is evaluated. The court assigns child support based on the lifestyle achieved during the marriage. The earning capacity of the non-custodial parent is considered as well.

If the custodial parent receives alimony, adjustments are possible. These payments are provided to support the former spouse. However, they are still considered support, and they could be deducted from the total child support payment awarded.

When are Support Modifications Possible?

Child support payments are modified after one year. They are based on a decrease in the custodial parent’s income. However, the court may allow increases based on any raises received by the non-custodial parent.

Missouri child custody hearings are separate from the divorce trial. The judge makes determinations based on the most appropriate setting for the child. They calculate support based on the total number of children and the non-custodial parent’s income. Parents who need assistance with a child custody hearing should Contact Wegmann Law Firm today.

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