Retaining Robbery Defense Attorneys to Prove Your Innocence in Court

When you have been arrested for and charged with robbing a home or business, you could face years in jail and expensive civil fines if you are found guilty. You may be entirely innocent and confused with someone else. However, you face the legal challenge of convincing a judge or jury to believe you.

You do not have to appear in court and make your case alone, however. You have the right to retain someone like one of the Evansville robbery defense attorneys to represent you.

Showing Your Innocence

When you are innocent of the charges against you, you need to convince a judge or jury to believe and find you not guilty. However, you may not know what kind of evidence to use to make your case. You also may have no idea of how to argue for your best interests in court.

When you have a lawyer representing you, you can launch the most effective defense before the judge or jury. Your lawyer may be able to secure evidence like security footage or eyewitness statements to prove that you were not there at the time of the crime, did not commit it, or were confused with the real perpetrator.

Evansville robbery defense attorneys can help clients in your situation avoid going to jail and taking on blame for crimes they did not commit. You can find out how to hire one online. Contact the Law Office of Jared Michel Thomas at

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