Residential Metal Roofing in St. Peters MO

Metal roofing in St. Peters MO has gone from materials suited for commercial buildings to a wise choice for any homeowner. More and more owners are replacing existing roofs with metal ones and new construction of housing developments include metal roofs. Other materials, such as shingles, ceramic tile, and wooden shakes are still used, of course but cannot compare to metal in terms of maintenance and energy-efficiency.


The maintenance required for a metal roof is virtually non-existent. The hard and slippery surface means that most debris falls off the roof instead of accumulating on it. Ice and snow also fall off, so owners do not have to pay a professional to remove it or risk falling off a ladder as they attempt to rake the snow off themselves. The material is resistant to cracks, leaks, mold, insects, heavy rains and wind, and rotting, so repairs are rarely needed. It is possible that a metal roof can sustain denting from heavy debris and exceptionally large hail stones so just keep that in mind.


Homeowners who invest in metal roofing will enjoy reduced utility bills every month of the year. When the weather outside is hot the fact that metal roofing radiates the heat of the sun means there will be no spiking of the temperature inside the house during the hottest hours of the day. Air conditioning systems will operate consistently with no need to alter the functioning level. In cold weather heat remains in the house, so the family is comfortable and warm without cranking up the heat.

Some metal roofing panels include layers of insulation. Those that do not can have layers added to the waterproofing layers before the panels are installed. Either way, the home stays warmer which is ideal since winters are colder and lasting much longer than in the past. Experienced metal roofing installers, such as Affordable Exteriors, offer free design consultations along with free estimates to help homeowners make informed decisions and get the level of insulation they desire.


The initial cost of metal roofing is higher than the traditional shingle roof, but metal is more cost-effective. It will last for as long as the house is standing, requires little to no maintenance, and will result in lower utility bills. Compare the cost of ownership over the years before making a final decision.

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