Should You Replace Your AC Unit in Franklin, TN?

One dilemma for home owners is trying to decide whether they should replace their system or simply upgrade or repair it. A technician from Chiles Heating and Cooling can ask you some questions about the age of your current AC Unit in Franklin, TN, assess the unit’s performance, ask you about your repair history for it, and then let you know what the costs would be to repair it as well as let you know about the energy efficiency that new units would have. If you plan on moving in the next couple of years, that can play an important factor in your decision, too.

An AC Unit in Franklin, TN has a life expectancy of anywhere between 10 years and 20 years. However, that doesn’t mean that your current system will continue to perform with top efficiency during its whole lifetime. You also want to consider that even if your system did last for 20 years and still performed at its own peak efficiency for that entire time, newer systems are always being introduced that have progressively better energy efficiency ratings. That is something to think about, since heating and cooling costs can add up to half of your total energy expenses.

You also shouldn’t try to replace only the outdoor component of your air conditioning system. Doing so can make the resulting hybrid system up to fifteen percent less efficient than it already is now. It would also void any warranty you may have left, and can actually shorten the life of your system. So if you’re going to replace one part, you should replace the whole thing.

You won’t be sold on buying the biggest, most expensive system they have to offer. The biggest system is not the best choice for everyone. In a home that isn’t large enough to need that much power, it’s just a waste of energy and money. A unit that is too large for the home will cool it faster, but it also will cost more to run. it will go through shorter cycles, meaning that not all the humidity in the air will blow across the condenser coil, which is supposed to condense the air moisture into water droplets, where it drains out. You will have more humidity in the air and mildew can form. The rapid cycling also costs more in energy and utility bills.

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