Repairing Small Cracks in the Drywall in Torrance with a Knife and a Putty Jar

There is no ignoring the presence of drywall at, quite literally, every corner of a home. In the process of renovating a home for resale or just to improve its overall character for living, drywall is a consistent concern that, fortunately, has a lot of variables. Drywall in Torrance can be maintained through accessible techniques, from minor cracks in the exterior drywall to major cracks lining the edge and seeming to split the foundation. Below are some straightforward tips for maintaining the drywall.

Tips for Repairing a Small Crack

Spackling compound is the main weapon of choice here when the cracks are marginal and there is no other outstanding damage. A putty knife should be used to apply the compound. A putty knife is different from a traditional kitchen knife in that it is flatter and thicker. Fiberglass mesh tape is applied after applying the putty. This does one of two things. It protects the putty while it is drying and molding to the wall. Secondly, it adds an extra level of strength to the area acting as a sort of ‘stitch’ to force the opposing sides together and conforming with the putty.

An Alternative Approach to Small Crack Repair

If the crack is a little more substantial, than one may apply Drywall in Torrance mud and actually cut a hole in the space. This includes actually cutting out the drywall by cutting the crack out of the space. A light cut of drywall mud goes around the edges of this hole and is applied as a sort of path. The putty knife is also used to apply extra putty to the space to accommodate the more intense crack.

This is just a quick overview of the using putty in minor drywall repair. Call a professional today or visit the official website atĀ  to get an assessment of the damage and also to confirm if there is another existing condition to the property. Cracks are dnot always just caused by the general degradation of the drywall, for they could be an early indication of an issue that requires a whole lot more than a putty knife.

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