Repairing a Roof Leaking in Sugar Land Must Be a Top Priority

Roof leaks are far too common in the Sugar Land area. While area homes are not generally threatened by the snow and ice other parts of Texas experience, wind and hail occur frequently and tend to cause roof leaks. After any type of severe weather event, Sugar Land area homeowners are strongly encouraged to contact area roofers for roof inspections. Identifying and properly repairing roof damage will minimize the potential for serious damage to homes.

What’s the Risk?

Not Repairing Roof Leaking in Sugar Land as quickly as possible opens the home and its occupants to significant risks. Roof leaks frequently result in mold developing, which poses a health threat to occupants. Leaks also damage roof decking materials, trusses, and other structural components. If left unchecked, the deterioration from water leaks can quickly cause damage in the thousands of dollars. It’s simply much simpler and cheaper to contact a roofing contractor if there are any indications a leak may be present.

Do Owners Have Repair Options?

There is no simple answer to that question, as different types of leaks require different repair strategies. In addition, some leaks are covered by insurance, so it’s important to determine the cause of the leak and explore repair options quickly. Hail damage, for example, is generally covered by insurance, but most insurers will hesitate to approve a claim if it’s not filed soon after the event occurs. Contractors Repairing Roof Leaking in Sugar Land generally know what types of leaks are covered and will provide advice to property owners on how to address the issue.

When Do Contractors Suggest Replacing a Roof Rather than Repairing It?

Most reputable roofers will always recommend repairs when those repairs are financially practical. Once the costs of repairs exceed a price of replacement, it’s time to opt for a new roof. The age and overall condition of the roof will also impact the decision. Any roof that’s near the end of its useful life may not be the best candidate for repairs. The roofing contractor will provide homeowners with the information they need to make a sound repair vs. replacement decision.

If your home’s roof has suffered damage and is leaking, it’s important to discuss the issues with a contractor now. Contact us now for advice or to schedule an estimate for repair or replacement of your home’s roof.

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