Repair or Replace? A Question Many Homeowners Ask When It Comes to Air Conditioning in Connecticut

When your Air Conditioning ct begins to act up, you may ask yourself if the time has come to replace it. When your air conditioner is doing certain things, a replacement needs to be considered. Replacing the unit rather than repairing it will help to improve the overall performance of the system. Here are warning signs to look for when it comes to Air Conditioning ct.

The air conditioner or heat pump is ten years of age or older and/or the furnace of boiler is 15 years of age or older. New high efficiency air conditioning units help you save up to 20 percent on your energy bills while a new furnace is approximately 15 percent more efficient than conventional ones. Boilers are, in most cases, five percent more efficient.

Certain rooms in the home are hotter or colder than others. This could be due to equipment malfunction, inadequate insulation or duct problems, but all are signs you need to call River Valley Oil Service in to check the system and see if it needs to be replaced.

Air conditioning units are designed to remove moisture from the air. When duct work is leaking, the equipment isn’t operating as designed or the equipment is not properly sized, your system needs to be replaced. Humidity in the home can lead to other problems, such as mold and mildew, so replacing the unit needs to be a top priority.

When one or more ducts are leaking air, particles can be pulled from the attic, basement or crawl space. They are then distributed throughout the home, which affects overall air quality. Having the ducts sealed or the system replace reduces the dust.

Your system needs frequent repairs or your energy bill continues to climb. This is a sign your current system is losing efficiency and the time has come to replace it.

A noisy system is a sign that the air duct system isn’t properly sized or the indoor coil of the system has gone bad. Both are a sign that the system needs to be replaced.

Don’t live with an inefficient system. Doing so could lead to very high energy bills. Although the cost of the system may appear to be very high, you’ll recoup money each month when you save on your energy bills.

Air Conditioning ct

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