Reduce Eye Strain for Your Customers

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Technology and Science

Customers appreciate the smallest of things that a company does to make their shopping experience better. They take all of these small advantages into account when they decide if they will do business with you again or not. You would be surprised how something as small as having a sunlight readable monitor in place for your customers to use could be the factor a person uses to decide to become a loyal patron.

An Example of a Sunlight Readable Monitor

When you go to fill your vehicle with gas at the pump there is usually a display above it that shows things like how much you have put into your car and perhaps lets you know about a special that is currently running. As anyone can tell you, sometimes viewing that information requires you put your hand up to the display to shade the sun from it so you can monitor how much gas you have bought. This is where a sunlight readable monitor shines. Using optical bonding displays means that the sun’s rays no longer produce a glare that makes it hard to view the screen. This saves on frustration and eye strain for your customers and it is a small nicety that will be noticed and appreciated.

Sunlight Readable Monitors Brought to you by Insync

In 2008 Insync invented the process call optical bonding. Simple put it is a method to enhance or create a monitor that will make it readable from a much larger viewing radius and even in direct sunlight. To date over 15,000 of these displays have been implemented at gas pumps across the country, much to the delight of the daily commuter. Visit their website to learn more about this technology and how it can be implemented into your business.

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