Recycling Centers in CT Encourage Area Residents to Bring in Plastic, Paper, and Aluminum

When it comes to Recycling Centers CT residents, have so many options that it’s hard to believe that many recyclable materials are still lost to the trash. Recyclers, manufacturers of a variety of products, and people who are concerned about the environment all want to convince everyone to do their part. The statistics on recycling compliance, unfortunately, are still somewhat pessimistic.


For example, U.S. residents seem to love buying beverages in plastic bottles. Considering water bottles alone, U.S. residents use some 50 billion of these containers in just one year. Research shows they throw about 38 billion of those bottles away instead of recycling them. The containers end up in landfills, or, worse, are tossed aside as litter. The plastic pollutes the land and the oceans, lakes and other waterways.

Regarding Recycling Centers, CT residents can bring plastic of a variety of types. If more plastic were brought in, manufacturers could save an astounding amount of money per year by using that material instead of having the need for new plastic production. They could pass those savings along to consumers. Recycled plastic is used for a broad range of products, including sleeping bag thermal lining and plumbing pipes.


People are also notoriously lax about recycling paper, which means that more logging must be done to produce new paper. Most junk mail and newspaper goes in the trash, and that amounts to millions of tons of paper every year.


The loss of aluminum is an issue that leaves recycling center workers at a company such as Calamari Recycling Co Inc baffled because people can get cash for this metal. They can bring their aluminum cans in and always receive money since the metal is always in high demand.

Aluminum never loses its intrinsic properties no matter how many times it goes through the recycling process. As with plastic, being able to use the recycled material allows manufacturers to save a great deal of money. Most recycled aluminum cans are turned right back into aluminum cans that are on store shelves within two months. Click Here to learn about this particular recycling company.

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