Reasons to Hire a Competent Criminal Lawyer in Chicago

Being arrested and accused of any crime is a traumatic experience. This is especially true when a person has been wrongly charged with the criminal offense, and the defense is inadequate. The results of the trial may affect one’s freedom and future employment prospects. To increase the chances of getting the possible outcome of the case, it is imperative to hire the services of a proficient Criminal Lawyer Chicago. Criminal lawyers at the law office of John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. & Associates have the ability and knowledge to help the accused person prepare adequately for the case. Not matter how severe the charges are, a competent criminal defense lawyer has the tools to protect their client’s rights throughout the entire judicial process. Here are three reasons to hire an experienced criminal attorney.

Reduced Sentencing with Deals or Plea Bargains

To get a reduced sentence, an experienced criminal attorney can negotiate a deal or a plea bargain with the prosecutor. In most cases, these deals not only reduce the sentencing but also eliminate some, if not all, the charges against the defendant. If the court finds the defendant guilty of the accusations, the lawyer can still negotiate for a rehabilitation program or a lesser time served. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case and the strength of the evidence against the defendant, the lawyer can advise the best way to go in order to reduce the sentence. In some cases, pleading guilty can also help to minimize the sentencing.

Investigation of the Charges

It is imperative to have a strong defense, and a competent criminal attorney can utilize their skills when investigating the charges. Experienced criminal lawyers can ensure every minute detail of the case is investigated properly. The lawyer will make sure that no possible piece of evidence that could aid in the defense of the case goes unnoticed.

Excellent Representation in Court

A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer will represent their client ardently in court. They will present all the available evidence strategically and effectively make use of questioning and cross-examinations to the advantage of the defendant. All this will help to increase the chances of getting the best outcome from the case.

By hiring the services of a proficient Criminal Lawyer Chicago, the accused person can be sure that they will receive a fair trial. For additional details on the importance of hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney, go to.

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