Reasons To Consider Dental Veneers In Chicago

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Dentistry

If you are like many people, you understand that cosmetic dentistry in Chicago is extremely popular. However, most people only focus on things like tooth whitening and don’t realize that dental veneers are also available. A veneer can transform and correct your smile by using very thin shells. The shells are made from ceramic or porcelain material and are then bonded to the front of your tooth. Even though they are incredibly small, they are still durable and reliable and will look like your natural teeth. They can be extremely helpful if you have severe stains that cannot be whitened or have other mouth problems.

Multiple Issues

Most people are unaware that they can treat various problems and issues at once. Most people choose to have them to help close spaces or gaps between the teeth, especially the front ones. They can also be used to fix alignment issues, change the appearance or shape of the teeth and to whiten your smile. On top of all that, they can be used to cover up cracked or chipped teeth.

Easy to Maintain

Once you have them, you’ll want to ensure you keep them clean. Regularly flossing and brushing will do so, meaning you don’t have to use particular products or go to the dentist every week to get them cleaned professionally. You will still want to keep up with your dentist visits to ensure that they stay adhered to the teeth, but you won’t have to do much more.


Even though they are made from materials to be extremely thin, they can still last up to 15 years, depending on how well they are maintained. Composite fillings won’t last as long, meaning dental veneers in Chicago could be a better choice. Of course, the better you care for your teeth and veneer, the longer they will both last.

Simple Process

Most people worry that the process will take too long or be uncomfortable. While you will require a few visits to complete the process, these visits are likely to be short. In most cases, it will only take about four weeks total for the process, from the first appointment to the completed veneer being adhered to your teeth. This means that in a little as one month, you’ll have a brighter, whiter smile and won’t be embarrassed about gaps or stains.

Dental veneers in Chicago are your dentist’s secret weapon against many mouth problems. Visit Art of Modern Dentistry today to learn more about them and to find out how to schedule a consultation.

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