Reasons to Complete A Medical PG In The USA

One of the key training components in becoming a physician is the completion of PG. In the United States and many other countries, PG is also known as residency. Once the MBBS is completed, students are required to complete three years of a PG.

It is possible to complete the PG requirements in many countries. For students attending a top university, choosing a PG in the United States provides several benefits and advantages.

Free PG

Perhaps the biggest advantage in the choice of completing a medical PG in the USA is the fact that it is free. This means the student does not pay anything to complete their PG while having the advantage of working at a top-level hospital throughout the United States.

Earn a Stipend

In addition to completing a medical PG in the USA at no cost to the student, residency doctors also earn a stipend. In the United States, this is a significant income, and the amount offered each year increases with experience as a doctor.

In the first year, students completing their PG will earn in excess of 48,000 US, which is approximately 36,00,000 rupees. In total, students from India completing their full medical PG in the USA earn at least 158,000 US dollars or 11,850,000 India rupee.

For most students, this stipend pays for the MBBS program, allowing graduate doctors to be free from student loans. At the same time, graduates from these PG programs have the added advantage of experience in working at top hospitals across the USA.

To find out more about the advantages of a medical PG in the USA, talk to the staff at Zordha Education. Information on the PG options for Spartan Health Sciences University students can be found at

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