Reasons to Get a Dog Bite Attorney After an Incident Takes Place

While dogs are usually friendly and will cause no harm, there are situations in which an animal may attack without any apparent provocation.  It is important to know that the owner of the pet is responsible for the actions of the dog.  That includes covering the cost of any medical treatment needed after the attack.  This is where it helps to Get Dog Bite Attorney as soon after the event as possible.

Collecting Evidence
The process of collecting evidence will begin immediately.  This will involve reviewing the reports of the medical personnel who provide treatment after the bite.  At the same time, the attorney will take action to interview anyone who witnessed the event.  The goal is to secure all essential evidence that will help to prove that the attack was unprovoked and that the injured party is due some sort of compensation to help with medical costs.

Filing Suit
Assuming the dog bite attorney determines that there is sufficient evidence to determine that negligence on the part of the owner has taken place, the next step is to file a suit for damages.  This is done with the local court, and results in the owner of the pet being notified of the pending suit.  In many cases, the hope is to come to a peaceful settlement.  This will mean that the attorney will work with the pet owner and his or her insurance company in an attempt to come to a settlement that will cover all medical costs and any other injury claims that are reasonable.

Representing the Client in CourtIf attempts to reach a settlement do not resolve the matter, the attorney will be prepared to try the case in a court of law.  During the proceedings, the attorney from the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass will utilize all legal precedents and current laws in making the case for the client.  The goal is to provide the judge with all the information available about the event and the surrounding circumstances so that a judgment can be rendered. Choosing to Get Dog Bite Attorney does not guarantee a specific outcome.  It does guarantee that the rights of the client are protected at all times.  With the right legal representation, the chances of successfully receiving some sort of compensation to cover all expenses are greatly enhanced.
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