Reasons to Buy a Used Car vs. a New Car

A new car just inherently sounds like the better idea compared to buying a used one. When people think of a used car, they think of old musty seats, broken or missing parts, and breaking down on the roadside because the mileage was used up by the previous owner. However, this is not only not the case at all, buying a used car has a wide range of advantages over buying a new one. And these advantages go beyond just costing slightly less. So, if you are perusing used car dealers in Joliet IL, and are wondering why you should buy used, here are the main reasons why used is better than new.

#1. Better insurance rates
The great thing about buying used is the fact that when a car costs less, so does the insurance. When you buy used and go in to buy the pre-requisite collision and comprehensive coverage plans, you’ll find the rates significantly lower than what you would’ve been given if you bought new.  And, if you so choose, you can even drop the collision and comprehensive coverage, saving you even more in the short and long term.

#2. Reduced stress
If you’ve bought a used car, you’ve bought a car that’s already been driven, and thus has already been hit by something at some point. This underlying acceptance makes the inevitability of some kind of damage being done to your car much less stressful. Depending on the damage, how it inconveniences you may still be stress inducing, but also less so than if it were your brand new car that just got dented. A used car brings with it experience, and the mere knowledge of that experience can make owning it a far more relaxing endeavor.

#3. Reliability
While a few of the stigmas against used cars may have been true in the past, cars made today are made with the latest technologies and innovations. Cancelling out many issues that arise in used cars of the past. Typically, a used car will come out looking much like it did when it was bought however long ago, and mileage for cars has been so vastly increased, that it may be years before your car needs any kind of repairs.

Used cars have a myriad of advantages over new cars, while still providing everything new cars do. They’re affordable, often costing 30% less than the average new car, reliable, and give you a better deal on insurance. So if you’re tight on cash but need a car, there’s no shame in buying used. To know more information visit

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