Ratchet Tie Down Straps – Types and Uses

Ratchet tie down straps are a very valuable feature of the equipment used for lifting and securing various types of cargo. These straps facilitate the lifting process by increasing the ability to control the lift and manage it effectively. Without the use of these straps, the effort involved to lift very heavy objects can make the process unreasonable and more dangerous.

Various types of objects are lifted in a number of different scenarios – and due to this, different types of straps have been created by manufacturers to address these situations effectively.

Some types of straps are designed to handle very heavy-duty work, such as those that involve the lifting of large pieces of equipment and vehicles, etc. Other straps are more suitable for light-duty work, such as those that may lift small pieces of furniture or kayaks.

Some of the strongest types of ratchet tie down straps are used in the trucking industry. The heavy cargo that truckers transport on a daily basis must often be tied down very securely for purposes of loading, unloading, as well as transport.

You will find that these straps come with a wide array of hooks to help ensure there is an adequate anchor point for various types of lifts. The straps must be tightened to the object which is lifted or secured. A cam buckle or ratchet can be used to perform this tightening process. If this is not done, or not done properly, serious accidents can result.

Selecting the Right Strap
When you are trying to determine what strap to use to lift the particular object, consider the following factors:

 * Type of hook
 * Weight of object lifted
 * Does the object require extra protection?
 * Type of tightening (ratchets, winches, cam buckles)

Ratchet tie down straps can be used in a number of different applications. They can secure large equipment, heavy furniture, motorcycles, RVs, and more. They can also tie down small items such as surfboards and bags. The type of strap you choose will depend on the object and the situation at hand. Be sure to contact reliable and experienced provider of these straps before deciding on the type of straps you need for your application.

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