A Quick Guide to Roofing Options

One of the most important parts of your home is the roof. Everything below it needs it to be solid and not leak. If you have a bad roof you are risking losing everything inside your home. It can even destroy your home itself by allowing water in which can compromise the structural integrity.


Hiring a contractor to replace a roof is an important choice. The work must be done correctly or there is no point in doing it at all. You want to be certain whoever you hire is fully licensed and insured and hires only trained professionals to work for them.

Metal Roof in Naples FL – can be a smart option for your new roof. Metal roofing has proven to be very energy efficient. Reflective metal roofing has been shown to save as much as 40 percent on home cooling costs. Metal roofing is also often made from recycled materials, can be installed over existing roofing and is relatively maintenance free.

Obviously metal roofing is a sensible choice based on cost and a good option for any eco-friendly homeowner, but it does not always meet everyone homeowner’s aesthetic needs. Luckily there are enough roofing options available to suit any home design style and personal preference.

Shingles are a traditional roofing material. They are available in many colors to make them work better with individual home colors. They are affordable, durable and give a clean appearance. Wood shakes provide a more rustic look. They are a unique item which will always have its own individual look because each shake is slightly different in size, thickness and shape.

There are many other types of Roofing, each with its own benefits. These include concrete roofing and tiles, which are the design option needed for most Spanish-style homes.

What you choose for your shingle style will depend on where you live in Florida, how sheltered your location is from severe weather and what style of home and neighborhood you reside in. It can also vary by what your budget can afford.

Make certain your contractor explains all of your options to you and see what they recommend. Your roof, if done right, should last for 15 to 20 years or more depending on what materials are used.

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