Questions to Ask Your Potential Pool Builder in Houston

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Swimming Pools and Spas

Do you want to add a structure to your home that will allow you to exercise, relax, and have fun in the sun? If so, consult with a qualified Pool Builder in Houston who can help you construct a pool designed to your satisfaction. Building a pool involves more than just the actual construction of the pool. It includes certain legalities and safety aspects that must be adhered to. A competent Pool Builder in Houston will be able to inform you all of the technicalities that go along with installing a pool into your yard.

There are some important aspects to getting a pool that you need to talk over with a Pool Builder in Houston, before you start building your pool. If you have not chosen a contractor to install your pool, getting answers to these questions will help you decide on one.

Will we be required to be at home during the time the pool is being installed?

This is a very good question since many people lead busy lives. Most of the construction can be done whether a home owner is present or not. However, a home owner must be present when the electrical and water technicians are at his home. It’s also advisable to be at home when the excavation begins.

Do you have any advice on new pool construction bids?

It’s a good idea to obtain approximately three bids, before you decide on a company to build your pool. If possible, get itemized bids so you will know where your money will be spent, reading any contracts thoroughly.

What is the time frame for building my new pool? 

Building a new pool takes approximately 30 to 45 days. The home owner will be responsible for securing financing. A Pool Builder in Houston usually does not provide this unless special arrangements are made beforehand. It will take some time to get the city or country permits required for building. This falls into the time frame mentioned above.

Once you have garnered some basic information, you can make a final decision on who you want to construct your pool. Then the anticipation begins, as you watch your dream become a reality.


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