Questions to Ask Prior to Purchasing Wood Floors in Nassau County

Many homeowners believe that once they make the decision to install hardwood flooring, the difficult part is over. Simply choose a wood and be done. However, this is oversimplifying the process a bit. There are a number of factors that will determine the type of hardwood flooring a home is able to accommodate and what is going to look best with the existing decor and furnishings. Some questions to help determine the best type of Wood Floors in Nassau County for a home are found here.

Where is the wood going to be installed?

Installing wood flooring on a second floor is different than installing it in the basement. The space below the ground level is called below grade. Grade is when the floor is even with the ground outside and the floor above the ground is above grade. Where the wood is being installed will limit the available options. For example, solid wood should never be put below grade since the moisture that comes up through the ground can create a number of issues. Engineered wood flooring is ideal for this space.

What is the subfloor composed of?

The three most common types of subfloors include particleboard, plywood, and a concrete slab. When a homeowner knows what their subfloor is made of, it will help determine if solid wood flooring can be installed or if engineered wood would be the right option.

• Concrete: Only engineered wood can be installed.

• Plywood: Offers more versatility and is ideal for both solid and engineered wood.

• Particleboard: It should be replaced with plywood and then the Wood Floors in Nassau County installed.

What are the living habits of the residents?

It is important to think about how much abuse the floors will take and learn about how durable the options are. For example, if a homeowner has pets or kids or hosts big parties often, they will need a more durable wood, than if they are single and away often.

Wood flooring is a popular option for many homes. However, prior to having it installed, it is a good idea to think about the type that is needed. Additional help and information can be found by visiting the website.

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