Questions To Ask Metal Stamping Manufacturers

An OEM may be at a disadvantage in knowing about the specifics of the metal stamping process, but it is still possible to effectively compare metal stamping manufacturers by asking a few simple questions.

Ideally, start with an online review of companies and services, and ensure that the metal stamping manufacturers on the short list of possible companies to meet your criteria for location, services provided and the ability to add value-added services for the parts and components.
Working with a company with the ability to provide value added services such as finishing and assembly can provide cost savings as well as decrease the complexity of the supply chain.

Types of Parts Produced

Most metal stamping manufacturers provide general services to any OEM requiring stamped parts. However, some companies specialize in specific industries, including parts for the automotive industry, HVAC parts, and components, or parts for construction.

Selecting a company with expertise and experience in these areas ensures the parts manufactured will meet industry standards.

Ability to Work to Tolerances and Specifications

Even in industries where standards and regulations for parts may not be set, most OEMs have individual expectations for tolerances and specifications for the parts. It is essential to talk to the metal stamping company to confirm they can produce parts on their equipment to these requirements.

Equipment Used

Metal stamping can be a very precise process with the correct equipment and experienced staff. The best manufacturers maintain their equipment and can ensure not only precision parts, but also offer a solid reputation for delivering orders on time to meet their customer’s production schedules.

For a single order or for an ongoing order requirement, using the best metal stamping service pays off in the quality of parts and components, availability of services and in a trusted partner for your production needs.

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