Questions to Ask When Considering an Office Space Rental

One of the most overwhelming tasks a business owner will face is choosing a location for their office space rental. Manhattan office spaces, and corporate offices throughout the country typically require a long-term lease agreement ranging from three to five years. Because of this time frame, making a commitment to the wrong location can literally break a business, adding great pressure to business owners seeking the right place to set up shop. When considering the appropriate office space for your business, ask yourself the following questions to help streamline the process.

Is there room for your business to grow?
Any business owner seeking a new office space rental should look not only at their company’s present situation, but also at their future business goals. As your business grows, will the location you are considering grow with it? Many office buildings allow tenants the potential to rent out additional space as their needs change. If this is not a possibility, consider whether the office space could be revamped or rearranged in the coming years to make space for expansion. If there isn’t room to grow, move on to the next location on your list.

Is the location a good choice for my employees?
Many factors weigh in to the determination of whether a location is a good fit for your employees. Does the building offer a parking garage or lot? If so, what are the fees associated with using the facility? Is the location within reasonable commuting distance for your key employees?

What signal does the space send?
The office space that a company chooses sends out many clear messages to clients and employees. Be sure to find a location that you’d be proud to invite clients or potential employees into. The type of space your business occupies tends to send a signal to visitors about how successful your company is, how confident you are of your product or service, and the financial health of your organization. An office space is not only a collection of desks and copy machines, but is your opportunity to make a statement about what your business stands for.

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