Quality Tamper Evident Seals for Any Application

Tamper evident labels can be used in almost any application. They are a great way to secure your belongings without having to place a lock or deadbolt on the seal. They are also great for things that don’t have seals, such as airline doors, plastic containers, and even first aid boxes. Whatever your use, tamper evident seals are a great way to know your items are protected without having to install a full bolt lock security device. The sticker can be applied instantly, and within seconds you can have peace of mind in knowing that your item is protected.

Security Labels:  Matt Polyester

Matt polyester security labels often have a highly visible security message imprinted. This can be seen by lifting the seal. These stickers are great for devices such as games consoles, desktop computers, or even coin boxes. Once the seal is lifted, you can imprint your own personal message to the user. This could be anything from “Void”, to your company name, or even a security number stating the origin of the item. These types of stickers do not leave any residue on the item after removal, and the face of the label can be written on with a standard ink pen.

Security Labels and Residue Printing

These types of labels are normally used for evidence bags and packaging cartons. When peeled, the label will be transferred to the item, so you have a permanent record of your message on the face of the item. Again you can have “Void” or your own personal message. This option is only recommended for those who do not care about the cosmetic appearance of the item, as an imprint of the text will be transferred to the item should it ever be tampered with.

Security Labels and Water Sensitivity

Water sensitive labels are very useful to many industries across the world. When water is applied to the label, a security number or name comes to light. When the label is dry, it returns to its original opaque state. There is no indication that there is a hidden message underneath, and it’s great for protecting your items without anyone else knowing. Standard tap water will work on this label.

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