Quality Air Duct Cleaning Services in Cambridge

Air ducts can get clogged up with dust and debris from everyday living. A good duct cleaning Cambridge business will be able to eliminate the grime that is built up in your ducts, so that the problem isn’t further exacerbated down the road. When you hire a professional duct cleaning service, you need to understand what the process entails. There are several ways in which your ducts can be cleaned, so it is important to know how the professional company operates before you hire them. One of the most popular cleaning methods is to use a negative air flow device that will attract grime and other debris into high powered suction pads. The company that you hire should use good techniques and equipment, to ensure that the job is done correctly. It is possible to save big on energy costs just by having the air ducts cleaned, so don’t procrastinate!

Understanding the Process of Cleaning Air Ducts

Most companies employ certified technicians that follow strict guidelines during the cleaning process. The first thing that will need to be done is a consultation and inspection. A vacuum system is typically used, that will be powerful enough to dislodge all contaminants and dirt that are deep within the ventilation system. The cleaning process involves much more than cleaning the insides of your air ducts. Vent covers, evaporator coils, and your furnace should be cleaned as well, to get optimal results. Some companies use negative airflow agitation alone, without any further remedies. This is a really bad idea, because this process doesn’t fully clean the vent as thoroughly as it should be cleaned. It is best to choose a company that agitates the air after completing the suction process. In most cases a brush like device is used to sweep the excess dust.

What to Expect When the Cleaning Process is Finished

After the cleaning process is complete, your ducts and vents will then be cleansed with an antibacterial solution. You will then be provided with a report that details the exact processes that were carried out. A good duct cleaning establishment will ensure that there are no other impending dangers, such as carbon monoxide or air pollution from other sources.


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