Purchasing Commercial Cleaning Products

For businesses, purchasing cleaning supplies is not as simple as heading down to a big-box store and filling up a cart. Products used in a commercial setting are specially adapted and may be developed for use in industrial cleaning machines. Getting the right product at the right price is important when shopping for janitorial supplies.

Specialty Supplies

Businesses looking for cleaning supplies in Orange County are looking for a variety of products with office and commercial applications in mind. Many of these products, such as floor wax and carpet shampoo may need to meet specific standards for use in industrial machines. A low-sudsing, low-residue shampoo does not just keep the carpets fresh; it also prevents damage to high capacity steamers and cleaning machines.

While some businesses may purchase any product they like, others have special requirements when purchasing cleaning supplies. Orange County has many medical, food service, and other establishments that must meet strict standards in sanitation. These businesses generally require specialty products designed with commercial application in mind. Some products, such as degreasers, odor removers, and sanitation sprays come in a variety of form factors for use in different applications.

Volume Purchasing

Other products, such as toiletries and cleaners, need to be available in large quantities without excessive packaging to keep storage space to a minimum. Although a common complaint, the storage room available for cleaning supplies in Orange County offices is often minimal. Buying in volume also allows offices and commercial spaces to purchase quality products at a discount. Specialty supplies can be expensive. Buying in volume allows businesses to cut costs without cutting corners.

Getting the right product for the job is not always easy. For commercial companies, finding the right vendor carrying the right product is important to maintain your office space.

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