Protect and Invoke Your Rights: Contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez

Being convicted of a criminal offense can result in a jail sentence, prison time, large fines, plus court costs and probation. That conviction can also collaterally impact an investigation and changes a person’s job, future jobs, housing, and educational opportunities. Jesse Hernandez practices criminal defense in San Antonio, TX. His objective is to minimize the direct and indirect consequences of any criminal conviction or even leave a courtroom without a conviction at all.

Some of the cases he works with involve:

Traffic violations
Domestic violence allegations
Firearms offenses, including felony possession
Drug Offenses
Sex crimes
Homicide and murder

A Customized Strategy

Jesse Hernandez wants to know you and any future plans that you might have. He wants to preserve your good reputation and help you to secure your future. With those in mind, he will customize an individualized defense strategy for you and work toward the objective of that strategy. He won’t try to sell you just any plea deal in order to get out of the courtroom and move on to the next case in the courtroom next door. If a trial is in order, he’s not at all apprehensive about taking a case before a judge and jury.

Investigations and Charges

Texas criminal statutes are tough. Even if you’re being investigated for a possible criminal offense, you should consult with an attorney. You definitely need to hire Jesse Hernandez if you’ve been charged with one.

Don’t risk your personal freedom, your job, and your future. Protect and invoke your right to remain silent along with your right to an attorney. Don’t give a statement or confession of any kind to police. If you’re under investigation for a crime, or if you’ve already been charged with one in or around San Antonio, contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez to arrange for a free consultation. He focuses his practice on criminal defense in San Antonio, TX. You can call him at 210-807-8656, or you can use his.

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