Proper Volleyball Equipment You Will Need to Play the Sport

If you are going to be playing volleyball through your high school or otherwise, you will need a few things in order to properly play the sport and have the most fun. Equipment such as knee pads, the volleyball, shoes, bags and shorts will all be important in order to play correctly.

Knee Pads

Some people enjoy the volleyball sport but prefer not to get down on their knees for any pass. However, in most cases, knee pads are a requirement or a preference for many, because you never know when you’ll have to dive or drop for the ball. The knee pads you select shouldn’t interfere with your range of motion and comfort. Make sure the ones you select offers enough padding on and around the knee and is comfortable all around. They usually come in sizes, so ensure that the pads aren’t too tight around your knees.


The most valuable piece of equipment will be the volleyball you select. No matter where you play the sport, most places have certain rules or requirements about the balls used, so ask before purchasing to ensure you will be allowed to use the ball.

There are many brands available and different color choices so that you can choose a style that fits your needs. Make sure to understand that there are indoor and outdoor balls and those for recreation and professional tournaments.


While most people tend to wear their regular sneakers while playing volleyball, your shoes are an important piece of equipment because you are on your feet throughout the game. Volleyball shoes are meant to be flexible and offer lateral support. Reinforced toes are also quite popular and there are many brands, colors and styles out there. Just remember that the shoe should be snug on your foot, but not painful.


You will likely have a lot of gear to tote back and forth between games. You will likely have your volleyball uniform, including shirts and shorts, along with towels, shoes, balls, knee pads and other accessories. Whether you turn up for play in your gear or prefer to change before the game, you’ll want a bag to help carry your items.


Volleyball shorts are made specifically for the game, so while you may not enjoy how you look in Spandex, you will likely find better comfort while playing.

Volleyball equipment is essential for the game, whether you play friendly games or tournament-style. Visit for all your gear needs.