Proper Unit Maintenance with Septic Tank Pumping Seaford DE Contractors

All waste water from your home flows into a septic tank. Keeping this in mind, a septic tank that is clogged and not working properly can lead to many other plumbing problems and costly repairs. An easy way to tell that the septic tank is not operating efficiently is when it expels foul odor or the yard surrounding it is wet and it has not rained. If the water in your toilet bowl flushes out slowly, it can also mean that the septic system is clogged.

Contact a Contractor
When this happens, contact health authorities or septic tank pumping Seaford DE contractors immediately. Ask your neighbors, family and friends to refer you an experienced and reliable contractor which they have hired. Work done to the septic system should be done by certified and qualified contractors as it is a major part of your house and can be quote costly.

Do Preventive Maintenance
A properly designed septic tank system should last for decades. If not misused, the system should last an average household of 5 for at least 50 years. Periodic preventive maintenance should be done by
Septic Tank Pumping Seaford DE contractors to remove indigestible waste If the indigestible solids are not removed, it will clog the pipes and eventually spoil the system.

Check Its Operational Efficiency
However, usage and volume of waste greatly affects its operational efficiency. If a household practices flushing non-biodegradable items such as cotton swabs, cigarette butts, sanitary napkins down the toilet, it will clog the septic tank and fill it more rapidly. And some varieties of toilet and tissue paper are not suitable for disposal through the toilet as it does not deteriorate properly in the septic tank. Responsible and proper usage will definitely prolong the useful life our septic system.

Avoid Excessive Disposal
We should avoid excessive disposal of cooking oils, grease can block the inlet drains as it is difficult to degrade and can cause potential problems. The usage of garbage disposal will definitely fill up the tank at twice the speed. Disposal of some chemicals such as pesticides, paints and solvents may damage some components of the septic tank and cause early failure.

Follow the Instructions
It is therefore important to follow the instructions for proper disposal of such harmful chemicals. If there are trees and shrubs growing near or above the septic tank, it is best to have it inspected by contractors more frequently since the roots may damage it. It is also advisable not to have any construction of pools, sheds or driveways too close to the septic tank.
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