Progressive Lenses

Progressive spectacle lenses, also called( PALS) progressive addition lenses  or multifocal lenses, are glasses to correct distance, reading and intermediate vision .They are no line multifocal and has all the powers inside for reading according to your prescription. The gradient starts at the pupil and reaches a maximum addition power at the bottom of the lens according to patients prescription.

The progressive lenses have some adaptation time which varies from person to person . These lenses have the advantage of having all the powers inside and you have to tilt your head up or down to find the appropriate power for that particular distance. You should turn your head to see from side to side as you can’t see through the peripheral part of the lens due to aberrations pushed towards the periphery of the lens.

The progressive lens have a corridor for distance, intermediate and reading. The low quality lens will give you a narrow corridor for all these distances but a good lens will give you a wider corridor for all these distances.

While making the frame selection you should select the appropriate size frame as the smaller lenses have the powers compacted in a small area and they are expensive as well.

The measurement for the progressive lens has to be taken very carefully like monocular pupillary distance, seg height etc. Once the glasses have been made, it may need minor adjustments to bring the pupil in front of the center of the lens to give you a clear vision .

The prescription needs to be checked on yearly basis as the presbyopia continues to increase with the passage of age.

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