Professional Video Service in Lexington KY: TV Quality Production For Any Event

Everyone who wants their special event on video wants it to look like a professional TV production. Especially corporate managers who want a seminar or planning session recorded for distribution. But the plain fact is, very few people are able to manage that professional gloss to a video. This is because most people with a video camera are untrained, and they don’t have the right equipment for the task.

It takes a lot of training and field experience, along with the right equipment, to produce a television quality video. Somebody with a Sony Handycam on a tripod isn’t going to be able to adequately capture the full scope of the event. There has to be adequate camera coverage to provide multiple angles to shoot the main subject of the event. Lighting has to properly illuminate the subjects. The cameras involved need to be high-quality, professional instruments with capabilities which aren’t built in to most commercially available videocams for the consumer market. And then there’s the challenge of sound: getting a clear recording with the levels properly balanced so that every word and nuance is heard on the finished video.

Beyond the raw work of capturing footage, videos then have to be edited. Will some amateur at his desktop know which cuts to select, how closely to cut them, which transitions to use when switching between cuts? How about video titling at the beginning and ending of the production? That’s essential to the finished look of a video and makes a considerable difference in how its received by the target audience. Often, the only chance to grab the viewer at the beginning is with the opening 30-second title graphic, which makes that sequence make-or-break in a lot of cases.

First String Media Productions has been providing professional level Video Service in Lexington KY for corporate and private clients for ten years. They particularly specialize in the production of premier quality wedding videos. With a staff of video and production experts available, the crafting of an event video with all the gloss of an actual television show is no challenge to them. They work closely with clients to design a production to their particular specifications and tastes. So when it comes to hiring for Video Service in Lexington KY, give them a call or follow the links to their website and check out their video portfolio.

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