Professional Tree Service – Ensuring Health & Safety of Your Trees

Do you take the time to prune and care for the trees in your garden? Future maintenance costs could be expensive if you fail to ensure the health and safety of trees now, which is why it’s worth having the contact details of a professional tree service company on hand. Powderpuff Lilly Pilly, Sweet Pittosporum, Yellow Plumwood – whatever species are featured on the grounds of your property, you can ensure a healthy and mature tree if you take the appropriate steps to water, weed and protect. Many companies will specialise in tree surgery so before you attempt it yourself, find out what a tree surgeon can do for you.

Tree Inspections

An inspection is more important than you might think. Signs of tree diseases like Sudden Oak Death Syndrome (SOD) can go unnoticed, which is why it’s advisable to work with a professional tree service company for seasonal inspections. During an inspection, he or she will analyse the tree’s condition and look out for signs of dangerous fungi. Some warning signs include weakly attached branches, cracks on the trunk or branches, falling deadwood, cavities, decay pockets and multiple trunks. Aside from the fact that these signs indicate a problem with the tree, falling branches can also cause a hazard, making it essential to arrange a tree inspection before a storm hits.

Cutting and Pruning

Just like you should visit a hairdresser to cut your hair as a way of stimulating new hair growth, you ought to hire a tree surgeon who can cut and prune the tree. These services will help maintain a strong tree structure and will eliminate crossing branches. When vigorous branches are removed, growth will no longer be restricted and safety hazards can be prevented. What’s more, cutting and pruning services will help the tree maintain its natural form.

Reduction and Reshaping

Two other services that a tree surgeon can provide to ensure the tree’s health and safety are reduction and reshaping. There are two reasons why you might pay for these services – to alter the shape of the tree’s crown or to prevent damage to the tree. A once-only operation, crown reduction and reshaping should not remove more than 30 percent of the tree’s original leaf area.

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