Professional Termite Control in Phoenix, AZ is Just a Phone Call Away

Every year billions of dollars in damage is done by termites who feast on everything from swimming pool liners to your home. One of their most insidious features is that their attacks can go unnoticed for years; even exposed wood may not show signs of damage since the outer surfaces are very often left intact. Because they are so difficult to spot with the naked eye, unless you see dead termites or mud tubes near your home’s foundation, you may have no idea you are sharing your home with them.

Fortunately, there are trained experts who are familiar with the best, most effective methods of Termite Control in Phoenix, AZ. If you have found evidence of a termite invasion of your home, they will be happy to provide you with a free termite inspection. If termites are detected, they will explain how they will treat your home in order to not only get rid of these costly pests, but to make sure there are no reoccurrences of the infestation. Every termite infestation is as different as the home in which it occurs and your termite solution will be tailored to your specific situation. The process begins with locating the point of entry of the termites. This is usually a matter of locating the mud tubes you may find on your home’s foundation, floor joists, or support piers. These tubes are what provide the termites with protection when they are traveling between your home and their underground colony. Their point of entry becomes the exterminator’s point of attack.

There are several different methods for eliminating termites, based on your circumstances. Some of the materials used in this process can be harmful if not handled correctly, so it’s best to leave termite control to the trained professionals. The rule of thumb is that if anything is strong enough to be effective, it should be left to the experts.

When it comes to Termite Control in Phoenix, AZ, whether you have a business or a residence, if you spot any pests, your first move should be to contact Alliance Pest Management. For over 20 years they have been protecting homes and businesses like yours from unwanted pests. To see what they can offer you.

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