The Process of Hiring an Attorney for Disability and Social Security in Fort Worth, TX

Being denied social security or disability benefits can be very disheartening and confusing. Hiring an attorney to guide you through this complex process can be a vital part of obtaining your disability in a timely manner. The following are a few steps in the process of hiring an attorney to assist you with your disability and social security in Fort Worth TX claim.

Initial Contact

When you first reach out to a law office for representation, they will set up a consultation to find out the specifics of your disability claim. After hearing the details, the attorney will inform you if they can help you and then tell you the strategy they will use to help with your case. Do not be alarmed if a staff member in the firm conducts your consultation; they are highly trained and know a good case when they see one.

Medical Evidence

After deciding to take your case, the attorney or a member of their staff will request a copy of your medical records. Usually, you will need to sign a release for the attorney and their staff to be able to view your classified medical details. The attorney may consult with the Social Security Administration to request a consultative medical exam, which allows the attorney to have the patient perform different tests in order to build a stronger case.

Preparation For Your Hearing

In most cases, the attorney will wait and contact you about two months before your hearing. When they call you, they will begin to prep you for any questions that may come up during your hearing such as descriptions of your symptoms or proof of your condition. By preparing you for this line of questioning, your attorney is trying to take away the element of surprise when you are on the stand.

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