Problems Requiring Residential Sprinkler Repair in Spokane

Because of the semi-arid climate in northeastern Washington State, residential sprinkler systems get a lot of use. Eventually, Sprinkler Repair in Spokane will probably become necessary. Residential property owners may want to know what they might expect as the years go by. The information will help them detect problems early on so prompt repair work can be completed.

Leaking Pipes

A leak in a pipe may develop at some point. If the property owners don’t occasionally look over the entire system during the watering season, they may not notice the leak until a large amount of water has been wasted. Eventually, they might notice an unexplained brown spot somewhere on the lawn where the water cannot reach because of the leak. If the water is leaking out all the time instead of just when the equipment is operating, the first sign may be an unusually wet area of the lawn or an abnormally high water bill.

Clogged and Broken Sprinkler Heads

Periodically, the property owner should watch the system in action and evaluate each sprinkler head. Clogged and broken sprinkler heads can impair the effectiveness of the irrigation efforts. A sprinkler head clogged with dirt or other debris will stop rising. Homeowners often can clean the device as a do-it-yourself project.

A broken head, in contrast, must be replaced. The symptoms of breakage include no rising of the head or randomly scattered water spray. Most commonly, the devices break when someone inadvertently drives a car or riding mower over them.

Faulty Electrical Relays

A buzzing noise that occurs when a pump is operating is another sign of the need for Sprinkler Repair in Spokane. This may be caused by a malfunctioning electrical component called a relay, which is a type of switch. These switches open and close circuits within the irrigation equipment’s electrical system.

Professional Maintenance and Inspection

As with other mechanical devices, an irrigation system should be maintained as recommended. Annual maintenance and inspection of the system can be performed by skilled technicians during winterization or before the watering season begins. Visit Spokane Pro Care to learn about this particular contractor’s services for residential irrigation systems.

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