Problem Signs Can Mean Roof Repair Instead of Replacement in Norman

Most people take their roofs for granted because they think of them as indestructible and always there. However, your roof is simply wood and shingles, among other things and can be penetrated. Therefore, it is important to make sure you check your Norman roof periodically to ensure there are no problem signs. When you do notice problems, have them checked out by a professional as soon as possible to have it repaired.

If you want to repair your roof instead of replacing part or all of it, you will need to stay vigilant about checking your roof and gutters to ensure everything is working properly. Otherwise, you may find that you have higher repair costs because you need to replace your Norman roof.


If you notice that there is water in your attic or running down the outside of your walls, you may have problems with your roof. This is one of the biggest danger signals available and tells you that something isn’t working right. Your gutter may be clogged or broken along some point or there may be another problem. However, make sure to call a repairman and have them check your home for any potential problems.


The shingles on your roof are probably the biggest and most important aspect of the roof. Norman homes should have shingles in good repair that are not decayed or have mildew or mold growing on them. If you do find that there are one or a few decayed shingles, they should be checked and replaced immediately. In most cases, missing or damaged shingles will mean that those shingles need to be replaced, but the entire roof doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. This can be a simple repair if caught early enough.

If you find that you have curled or cracked shingles, chances are most of the shingles are cracked or curled. This is a bigger problem and will likely mean you need to replace the entire roof.


Stains can be common when your home acquires a leak from the roof. If you notice that your walls or ceiling has dark stains on them, it could be a sign of water damage. This repair can be a little more costly, depending on how bad the roof is leaking. Someone will need to inspect the roof, repair the leak and replace any missing or damaged shingles. Form more information, .

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