Private Investigators Can Help with Child Custody in New York

One of the most difficult parts of any divorce is the custody of the children. In many cases, battling over the children becomes a major sticking point that can keep a divorce going for a long time. Judges have seen far too many cases where false allegations are thrown around, trying to make the other parent look bad. Because of these unfounded cases, it is up to you to prove what you say in court to get action. This is why you need a private investigator for child custody in New York.


If you feel your ex-spouse is participating in activities that pose a threat to your children, the private investigator can track your ex to find out exactly what he is doing. He knows exactly how to track your ex without being detected, allowing him to gather the evidence you need to prove your ex’s risky behavior so the judge has more than just your word to make a ruling. However, this proof must be legally obtained.

Taking Pictures

Pictures just don’t lie. While some people are capable of doctoring pictures to show just about anything, a trained eye can typically identify these altered pictures. This is why it can be so useful if your private investigator for child custody in New York takes pictures of your ex participating in risky behavior to improve your case. For instance, if your court order dictates no one of the opposite sex can spend the night and your investigator takes a picture of a woman leaving your ex’s house after dark, there isn’t much to argue.

Checking Records

A private investigator will know how to gain access to records necessary to gather the proof you need in your custody case. For example, if you have right of first refusal in your court order and your ex didn’t ask you to keep the kids while he was working, obtaining his work records can show he was at work, even if he claims he was home with the kids.

Playing dirty is often the name of the game when it comes to child custody in New York. However, if you can legally gather the proof you need to back up your allegations, the judge will rule in your favor. Whether you are trying to prove your ex is a risk to the well-being of your children and shouldn’t have custody or visitation or you want to prove he is breaking the court order, a private investigator can gather all the evidence necessary.

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