Preparing Your Pet For Surgery At A Veterinary Hospital in Bowie

If your pet has a serious illness or needs surgery, it can be a stressful time for both of you. Not only will your dog or cat be in pain, but you will be worried about the outcome of their treatment. To help ease your mind, you should learn all you can about their treatment and prepare your pet for it.

The Night Before

The team at the veterinary hospital nearby Bowie will give you complete instructions to follow to make sure your pet is prepared for surgery. They will usually perform a blood test and exam your pet to make sure they can safely undergo the procedure. Part of your instructions will be to make sure your pet does not have any food after midnight prior to their surgery.

However, some pets should not completely fast because it can cause them to become hypoglycemic. Some smaller dog breeds and puppies need to have small amounts of food to avoid becoming ill and your vet will advise you on when to stop feeding them. Your pet can have water overnight, but do not give them water in the morning before surgery.

Prior to Procedure

You will need to drop your pet off at the veterinary hospital early in the morning to undergo their procedure. A catheter will be inserted to provide your pet with fluids during their surgery and recovery to make sure they stay hydrated. They will then be anesthetized and intubated and hooked up to machines to monitor them throughout the procedure.

It is important that you set up an area in your home for them to recover after they are released. If you have other pets, isolate them so they can rest and follow your vet’s instructions for their care. As long as they don’t show any signs of complications, your pet should recover nicely.

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