How to prepare your Brooklyn Apartment Rental for Winter

As the last warm nights of summer descend it is the perfect time to prepare your Brooklyn apartment rental for the winter. Here are some tips on how to make your home cosier and more comfortable for the colder days ahead:

  • Winter Warm Up: Your Brooklyn apartment rental is probably down to the bare minimum right now with little comfort needed with the warm weather. However once winter arrives you will want to warm things up a little and there are a number of ways you can stay cozy as well as use less energy. First buy some cozy, pretty throw blankets and cushions for your bedroom and living room area. This will add a seasonal touch with some nice fall or wintry colors but will also provide the snugly warm items you need to keep toasty and comfy without the need to crank up the heat. You can also look for liners for your drapes or buy thicker insulating curtains to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Coordinate these new items to add a new, warmer look to your apartment to keep things not only feeling cozy but looking cosy too. Also get out that duvet for the bedroom and a nice wool or thick blanket to add layers and stay warm at night.

  • Entry: Your entry is going to become messier with rain and snow. You will be likely to track in a mess so invest in a lower budget area rug you can step onto with wet boots and umbrellas so you don’t ruin the carpeting or muck up the floors. You can also add additional storage with a big pretty basket to toss hats, scarves and gloves as well as hang some nice hooks for easier access to coats and sweaters. This will keep things neater and more organized throughout the winter months when warmer clothes begin to take over your foyer.

  • Kitchen Comfort: Stock your pantry with winter warming foods and drinks like hot cocoa and oatmeal. Add some new kitchen towels in warmer winter colors and switch up your oven mitts as well. Put away the ice cream machine and make room for your crock pot and warm beverage machine instead.

Warming up your Brooklyn apartment rental will make the winter seem less unwelcome and keep you toasty, comfortable and homey once that first snowflake appears.

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